The smart collar for your pet

  • - GPS tracking
  • - Activity Monitor
  • - No monthly cost

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The smart GPS Tracker, coming soon
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Don't risk losing your pet

Don't risk losing your pet

Gosi is a GPS device that attaches to your pet's collar, allowing you to track location through the app. You pet will be safe, and you will be stress-free.

Monitor daily activity

Monitor daily activity

It was love at first sight, we know the story. It’s just that look he gives you! Monitor daily activity with Gosi to ensure he stays healthy.



  • Safety First

    Gosi gives you a live feed of your pet’s location on your phone whenever you need it.

  • Activity Tracker

    Track caloric intake and see what feed ration you need, track your walkies and see how far you both walked today, or get preparing your pet for his next marathon. You decide!

  • No monthly fees

    Thanks to our low consumption LoT network the gosi tracker requires no monthly fees.

  • Alerts

    Gosi will send you veterinary alerts and recommendations for keeping your pet healthy.

  • Pet Friendly Zones

    We’ll tell you the best places to be with your furry friend! (beaches, hotels, walking paths...)

  • Safe Zones

    In your app you will be able to mark safe zones for your pet (your home, the park, the pet hotel) and as soon as they leave you will receive alerts with their exact location.



How does gosi work?

Gosi is a device that allows you to locate your pet at all times thanks to the latest GPS technology. In addition, it helps you to take care of the health of your pet by monitoring daily activity (km traveled, kcal consumed ...), adjusting for race, age and weight.

What are the first steps?

As soon as your Gosi arrives, you will see that it comes with a unique activation code (only you and the people that you authorize will have access). In order you to setup and link the device you will need to download the Gosi app, from there we will give you a step by step introduction into how Gosi works in a simple and intuitive way.

What is the activity monitor?

At Gosi we work with recognized veterinary centers with which we have created a database of tables to help you take care of the health of your pet. Depending on the race, weight and age we will give you a recommended physical activity. You can even set up weekly challenges to enjoy doing sport with your pet!

How long does the battery last?

Gosi has the longest battery life on the market (up to 1 month and a half) and can be recharged wirelessly. You won't have to worry about charging it constantly, and you can forget all about cables!

My pet loves rolling around in the mud and running around, will Gosi be able to cope?

Of course! Gosi is designed for real life use. It is fully waterproof and shockproof.