What Is A Domain Name?

Domain name is a unique name that will differentiate your website from others. Every website must have a domain name that will serve as an address for your site. To have a website name, you will not require paying for a vast amount of money. However, some are free, and you will only require renewing them yearly or after a few years. If you fail to renew your web name, someone else can use it. Hence, you need to always focus on expiry date to avoid losing it. Losing a web name can be the worst experience as coming up with a new one can be a challenge because almost all web names with common words are registered.


Having a professional and unique name for your website can enhance ranking on search engines, and customers can easily find your site. In this essence, you need to use the Top-level domains (TLD) which is the highest level in the DNA structure of the internet. Here are the 3 types of TLD:

Country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs)

ccTLDs is a 2-letter domain extension that represents a particular geographical location, country, or territory. This domain name can be perfect for you if you want to target only customers from your country. It may not be searchable outside your country. For instance, you can use ke for Kenya, the UK for the United Kingdom, and de for Germany. Because search engines consider local results, with ccTLDs, your site will appear higher on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Also, with ccTLDs, you will build confidence with your buyers. Most customers love purchasing items from sellers who are from their country. In this essence, they will communicate easily with the language of their preference and use their native currency.

generic Top Level Domains(gTLD)

This domain name is the most common in e-commerce websites. Any entrepreneur from different places in the world can use gTLD. The popular gTLD is the .com, .net, .org, and .biz. Most of the gTLD belongs to a company or an organization. The good thing about using gTLD is that they help to the brand of your business. You will create a unique name that will enable customers to differentiate you from your competitors, in case you decide to buy a domain.

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Also, it will enhance customers’ experience. Offering services that align with the customers’ expectations are crucial as they will choose you over your competitors. This web name will make customers know what to expect from your site. For instance, if your domain name ends with the word doctor, they will be expecting to find services that will improve their health. gTLD increases marketing efficiency. It allows fora better SEO ranking. SEO is a great marketing tool that can drive traffic to your site.

Internationalized country code Top Level Domains (IDN ccTLD)

Are you an entrepreneur who is targeting both local and international customers? If yes, IDN ccTLD could be the best for you. It will enable you to write your domain name in multiple scripts and languages. With this, anyone can understand the meaning of your web name which can enhance customers’ experience. In this world, different people understand different languages. Hence, if you use a language that different countries and cultures will understand is crucial as you can increase the number of visitors to your site. Also, you will have a high conversion rate which can lead to an increase in revenue.

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Creating a unique domain name will enhance ranking on search engines which can drive traffic to your site. To know the type of Domain name to use, you need to define your products and know your target audience. With this, you will create one that will improve customers’ experience.