Benefits of Exact-Match Domain Names

Domain Names

When you do online business, your entire brand is built on your domain name. Everyone talks about a great domain name, but what makes it? Well, your domain has to be memorable, short, and easy to type in and share. With tons of domains extension, and more than 300 million registered domain names, highly priced domains or premium domains are mounting in their value as well.

What Are Exact-Match Domains?

Now, what are these? These domains typically have a .com suffix. Many are considering these Exact-Match domains to represent their brand in an efficient way. Some examples are,, and A site made with Exact-Match domain name is more trusted by others. When a visitor reaches to a domain like that, it quickly makes a hype about what product they will offer. Not to mention, these domains are highly beneficial to get top rank (organic result) in search engine results.

However, Exact-Match domains are expensive domains. In fact, was sold for $11 million in 2003. It was one of the pricey domain name purchases of all time. domains are valuable. The reason that makes them wanted by people is its wide acceptance by big companies and capitalists. Needless to say, those who buy such domains are more likely to dominate the market and search rankings. And what’s more, the name that they hugely paid for also helps them generate revenue of hundreds of millions.

Does Google Appreciate Exact-Match Domains?

Yes, but Google also seeks out for genuine marketing strategy. Is the site even helpful in delivering the immense value to its visitors? Not all of exact-match domains can rule the top rankings. SEO and a great marketing strategy will only help increase value of your site, regardless of what domain name you will choose. Therefore, to enhance the potential of your Exact-Match domains, you need to prioritize giving value to the end-user first.

So, are they good?

In an era like this, shooting for a dot com domains extension tend to be expensive. Yet, the benefits would be endless. If your budget allows it then secure it for your brand. After all, exact-match domains help you earn more profit, instant credibility and will help your brand standout form the rest.

Securing such pricey domains will help you make the most out of it for longer time. Just adopt some good marketing strategies and see how investment offers will come to you.

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