Bluehost vs. GoDaddy– Who is the Winner?

Bluehost vs. GoDaddy

What will you choose when you have two big web hosts vying for your heed?

Choosing the right web hosting solution becomes easier when you look through their features with fine comb. Let’s evaluate and figure out which host might be a perfect fit for your needs.

Speed and Web Performance

Visitors are impatient. They don’t wait for slow loading sites. In era of LTE and broadband, site’s speed and web performance is vital to consider. Putting both web hosting providers against each other, Bluehost is faster across the board with a responsive server that takes outstandingly 0.32s averagely, and thus keeps up with 99.9% hosting uptime.

On the contrary, GoDaddy doesn’t seem to have the same responsive servers that Bluehost has, and their hosted sites takes about 0.7s to load.

Verdict: Here Bluehost wins.


A single-click installation is a hit these days. Every now and then, web hosting providers strive to offer user-friendly environment to their clients. Bluehost enables you to control everything that concerns your site, whereas GoDaddy will offer you an easy-to-use model but will not allow you to change anything. GoDaddy is good for newbies or beginners, but for those who want long-term usability specifically tailored for their specific business needs should go with Bluehost.

Verdict: No one wins under this heading. It depends on what user wants.


It’s been seen that majority of hosts will offer a low introductory price to capture visitor’s attention, then later jack up their prices when it comes to renewal period. While GoDaddy’s lowest priced web hosting is $3.99/month, and Bluehost’s lowest priced cheap web hosting is about $2.95/month. See, they offer almost a similar pricing plan, so it’s better to seek out not only for pricing but for importantly features like reliability and uptime.


Verdict: Not enough distinction found, it’s a tie.

Customer Support Services

GoDaddy support services are satisfactory. You may need to wait for couple of minutes but they will respond you. On other hand, Bluehost customer support is incredibly prompt. Whether a client wants to seek help via email or phone, they will get a great assistance from their staff.

Verdict: Bluehost wins again.


Based on pricing, customer support, usability and uptime, Bluehost is a go-to web hosting solution for you. Overall, Bluehost outshines GoDaddy in almost all web hosting features. We would suggest Godaddy for its domain name registration services instead of web hosting. Being that said, Bluehost is a strong candidate for web hosting services.

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