Cloud Hosting and Shared Web hosting

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Among many other web hosting services two of the similar and yet emerging hosting services are cloud hosting and shared web hosting.

Shared Web hosting:

Shared web hosting is such in which the service provider serves pages for multiple websites each with its unique domain name and having a single web server. It requires a dedicated web server provided by the web hosting provider. The cost of such web hosting is shared among all the registrants thus its less expensive way for businesses to have a web appearance. The drawback of such a service is that it cannot work efficiently when the web traffic increases.

Cloud Hosting:

Cloud hosting is such in which your website is hosted on a cluster of servers instead of one server. This is the newest technique just like cloud computing it allows many machines to work together as one entity. The best part about cloud computing is its speed and flexibility because with the increase of business and web traffic grows more commodity hardware is added to make a larger cloud.

Canadian cloud hosting companies:

Canadian cloud web hosting providers such as provides the best value for money with full encryption and storing files in the cloud like external hard drive. Others like Bell Business Solutions, cacloud, Canadian Web Hosting also exist for the same purposes.

Features to look for before choosing:

  • Disk Space and Traffic: The bigger the website the more the disk space will be needed, always look up for the bandwidth feature and how much is required by your website. Because this space will be used to store your website files including text, images and all other kinds of documents. As the traffic of your website increases more and more disk space will be required.
  • Uptime: Uptime is the time when your website works online and when users can access site without any problems. It is measured in percentages from the total expected uptime.
  • Support: Support is the most important feature to look for when hosting a website. When choosing a hosting candidate it’s most important to look for the kind of support it provides.
  • Pre-installed Applications
  • Pricing: Always look the features and cost while selecting a web hosting forum. If the features provided are less as compared to the price than it’s a big NO.

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