About us

We are the first Spanish company specializing in GPS technology for pets


How was gosi born?

Gosi was born from the trauma of our CEO, María Jorques, who lost her puppy Martín, when he was barely a year old.

Fortunately, she ended up finding him. Shortly afterwards, Gosi was founded with the objective of designing a device that would prevent this sort of thing from occurring again, whilst also taking an innovative approach to pet health care. 

About us

Our team is formed of people who feel a true passion for animals, our culture is based on a profound respect for nature. 

At Gosi, we are convinced that a society that cares for and protects its natural surroundings is a society better off. We achieve this by collaborating with animal welfare & protection societies, as well as the development of awareness programs and workshops for children's education with our partner Manos & Patas. We are a Valencian startup, located in Lanzadera, one of the best business accelerators in Spain. 

Why Gosi?


Because we want to become the brand you know you can always trust.


Because we offer a guarantee on our products of up to 2 years.

Atención 24h

Because we're always reachable through our 24h online chat and customer service.

Entrega en 48h

Because you'll receive your Gosi with 48h (depending on location).

Alertas veterinarias

Because our app will send you veterinary alerts and recommendations for looking after your pet.

Pasión por los animales

Because our passion for animals is a fundamental part of everything we do.

Thank you for your trust.